No Final Curtain

But as I have said, that was not the end,
for there are no ends in realtime.

Last update 09/29/97

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The Patternfall War is ended. Amber's armies occupy Chaos. A new age dawns as Random returns assume his throne.

But Chaos is down, not out. The same disorganization that made victory possible makes control nigh impossible. An underground is already crystallizing into existence.

And Random is not returning to a power vacuum. Gerard has acquitted himself well in what has been Amber's most difficult period in memory. Years of struggle, first with the left-over forces of Chaos, then among the Golden Circle shadows, have left their mark. Perhaps most noticeably on those who have stepped up to replace those away fighting Chaos.

The universe has suddenly gotten a lot bigger: Chaos discovered, a new Pattern drawn, new relatives found. The family has a new-found unity. But can it last? Will the new age be golden or dark?

Evening and the shadows will come
To destroy what we have done...

The Players