Quick Guide to Recent History

Imagine a time when it all began
In the dying days of a war

Created 05/22/97

At the Chaos End of Things

At the Amber End of Things

A More Leisurely View of the Wars in Amber

It all started with the Black Road invasion of Amber. Amber won that, yes, but the forces of Chaos were not utterly destroyed. Instead, they drew back and regrouped. Before they could make a second attack, Oberon redrew the Pattern, and everything changed.

This was a bad thing from their point of view. The Black Road was a reflection of the damage to the Pattern; Oberon's work destroyed it. Logrus isn't much for transporting troops, and the disruption to shadow effectively blocked trump. So there they were, a large force of Chaos stranded in shadow near Amber, cut off from home.

So they made the best of a bad situation.

First Circle War

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