Understanding the Map. Each circle is a different shadow. The light grey regions are land, the white water. The hand-drawn brownish-green lines represents the major overland shadow paths. (The path from Aravill to Shee is actually a tunnel that claustrophobes would do well to avoid.) The straight bluish lines represent oversea shadow paths, which are be no means actually straight. Each shadow has been drawn with local north to the top of the page; note that for two of the oversea shadow paths, Lambay and Disterdermot, local north is discontinuous relative to Amber. Overlap between circles represents areas of overlap between shadows. The travel time from Amber the city out of Amber's shadow is one normal day's ride; the sailing time from Rebma to Shee is one day's sail.

The Golden Circle is a set of shadows near Amber which have traditionally been major trading partners and allies with the eternal kingdom. However, many of the old treaties were broken during the Patternfall War, and war has twice raged through the Circle itself. Amber's victory in the last war has brought a nomial peace and unity to the Circle again, but tension lurks under the surface.

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