Blaze of Glory: Three Fathoms Down: Quotes

So far, I think this has been a very successful mission. We drew the pirates out, we've set things on fire, and we've managed to lose Rámon. -- Lorianne

(collected by Kris Fazzari)

"I'm playing Lorianne, the Pirate Queen." -- Kris Fazzari
"Who were your parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pirate Queen?" -- Sean Frost

"Who's your character?" -- Julia Frizzell
"Otto Fromm." -- Joe Filippini
"From where?" -- Julia Frizzell

"I am Rámon. I am the greatest lover of women and the 2nd greatest swordsman of all the Spanish Main. I made love to the wife of the greatest swordsman of all the Spanish Main. That is why I am here." -- Rámon to the group

"Can I check out the Cornwall equivalent of Radio Shack before we leave?" -- Eddie to GM

"Why don't you keelhaul (Rámon)?" -- Otto
"Because the ship isn't at sea. It works much better if the ship is moving." -- Lorianne

"I said I was the second best swordsman on the Spanish Main." -- Rámon
"That statement is still accurate, since we're not on the Spanish Main." -- Lorianne
"We're not very good fighters on the Spanish Main." -- Rámon

"There's some things you can do that (Lorianne) can't even attempt, but all the things you brag about she can kick your ass in." -- GM to Rámon

"Is (the ship) going to be carrying brandy?" -- Marion
"Brandy, Roxanne, anyone who wants to come along." -- Rámon

"I am the best male swordfighter among the two of us." -- Rámon to the group, referring to himself and Lorianne

"I think I'll go on the ship captained by the person who didn't get thrown overboard." -- Eloise St. Vire to the group

"That's Rámon, a refreshing dip." -- Sean Frost to the group, after Rámon is tossed overboard by Lorianne

"Just think, other people are playing serious games right now." -- Julia Frizzell to the group

"We can use a catapult to launch the planes." -- Wendi Strang-Frost
"And, it could also be used to launch other things." -- Julia Frizzell
"Like the second best fighter." -- Kendra Jamieson

"While you're at it, why don't you invent a personal flying device?" -- Lorianne to Eddie
"Yeah, like a personal Icarus kind of setup. Don't fly too high." -- Ester

"Can you tech guys modify the merchant ship so that there's some way to defend yourself?" -- Lorianne
"Like filling the hold with soldiers?" -- Eddie

"We're going to test the 'other' setting of the catapult first, before we test the 'plane' setting. And if the 'plane' setting fails, we'll test the 'other' setting again, with Eddie." -- Lorianne to GM
"I think I will start working on that personal flying device, then." -- Eddie

"Could I hire you to make me look good?" -- Rámon to Otto
"I think that's beyond even Otto's skill." -- Kris Fazzari

"It's the automatic spanking device." -- GM to the group, referring to uses for a failed catapult

"Can you swim?" -- Ester
"Of course. I can look like someone who's drowning, though." -- Otto

"Stop, I can't keep up!" -- Kris Fazzari, multiple times, as she tries to keep up with the quotes

"OK, so you guys are sailing off. Captain?" -- GM
"Yes?" -- Lorianne
"No, no, I'm talking to the pathetic Captain." -- GM

"I think that when you fill the hold with soldiers, some of them should be Jayne's Sharks. This is their kind of mission." -- Kris Fazzari
"So, you think we're going to die." -- Sean Frost

"I think on this mission, (Jayne's men) are more like chum than sharks." -- Sean Frost

"Maybe we throw a lavish funeral for them." -- Joe Filippini, speculating on what the Sharks promised lavish reward is
"That's what they have instead of a pension plan." -- Anne Devlin

"I could always set the merchant ship on fire, so it would be no use to (the pirates)." -- Rámon to the group
"I'm sure the soldiers in the hold would appreciate that." -- Julia Frizzell

"Are you going to be a competent merchant captain or a good merchant captain?" -- GM to Rámon
"That crate is depreciating in value in the sun. Move it over there." -- Kendra Jamieson

"You're only one day out so far." -- GM
"Ah, so there's still some alcohol." -- Sean Frost

"Let me give you another acting lesson about merchant ships. They go their way and we go our way, like two ships passing in the night." -- Otto
"But it is day." -- Rámon

"Actually, the merchant ship is steering this way." -- sailor to Rámon and Otto
"They're thinking like Rámon." -- Kris Fazzari
"Now that's scary." -- Sean Frost

"We will soon be seeing some action." -- Rámon
"Will we be involved in it as well?" -- soldiers
"Yes, when the ship begins sinking, and you can't get out of the hold, you'll be involved all right." -- Kris Fazzari

"Oh hey, a crew launcher, there's an idea." -- Eddie to the group

"I am the sixth greatest leader of men on the Spanish Main." -- Rámon to Otto
"This is why there are a lot of pirates in the Spanish Main. Because (the men) are all idiots." -- Kris Fazzari

"I do want some of (the soldiers) not to die immediately." -- Rámon
"Oh, you're so generous." -- GM
"Generosity has nothing to do with it. They're there to protect me!" -- Rámon

"Drop your weapon." -- enemy soldiers
"My father gave me this sword." -- Rámon
"Just so you know, my father gave me a lot of swords." -- Rámon to GM

"Was the crossbowman recruited Jayne-style?" -- GM
"No, I actually chose someone competent." -- Lorianne

"So far, I think this has been a very successful mission. We drew the pirates out, we've set things on fire, and we've managed to lose Rámon." -- Lorianne to the group

"I've always thought I needed a better base. If anything of this island is left standing, I might have to take it over." -- Lorianne to the group

"You hear a bunch of repetitive, grunting noises." -- GM to Marian
"It's not Rámon." -- Sean Frost

"Why doesn't (Rámon) just rub up against someone's shoulder (to get off the blindfold)?" -- Kendra Jamieson
"(He) usually gets slapped for that." -- Sean Frost
"No, someone's shoulder." -- Kendra Jamieson

"Did you guys have bad stuff or something?" -- Kendra Jamieson
"No, we had Rámon." -- Joe Filippini
"What's this Ramon stat?" -- Anne Devlin
"The higher your score, the greater your chance that you actually sleep with (Rámon)." -- Kendra Jamieson

"It's a good thing that sneaking would not be a good plan, since we're not that subtle anyway." -- Lorianne to GM

"Use (Rámon's) head (as your battering ram), it's the hardest part." -- Kendra Jamieson
"And the least valuable." -- Kris Fazzari

"You know, if Rámon were a little more competent, we'd have a Three Musketeers thing going." -- GM to the group

"Let's hope I realize that (our people are) in the sub before I scuttle it." -- Eddie to the group

"So basically, whatever's nearest, (you) club it." -- Kendra Jamieson summarizing Eddie's fighting style

"Friend or foe?" -- Eddie
"How can I tell which side to choose if I do not know which side you're on?" -- Rámon

"We might be right behind you, Rámon." -- Marian to Rámon

"You find yourself surrounded by people pointing swords at you." -- GM
"An even fight, then." -- Rámon

"I keep the levers down, unless I hear a familiar scream." -- Eddie to GM
"That scream you often hear that means your plan isn't working the way you thought it was." -- Sean Frost

"The world came back at the wrong moment." -- Anne Devlin
"On the plus side, this is the cleanest Rámon has been in weeks." -- Sean Frost

"I am thinking this is not such a great ship after all." -- Rámon
"Why is that?" -- Lorianne
"It leaks." -- Rámon

"Considering how seldom Rámon bathed, I'm wondering how he managed to sleep with the wife of the best soldier on the Spanish Main." -- Kendra Jamieson
"They don't bathe much on the Spanish Main." -- Kris Fazzari
"He just crawled into bed with her and fell asleep." -- Julia Frizzell

"She's still going. I think I'm afraid." -- Kendra Jamieson to the group, as Kris keeps typing in quotes.

"I guess (Eddie) will work on the crew launcher over the interim." -- Wendi Strang-Frost
"You can use Jayne's Sharks to test it." -- Kris Fazzari

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