Blaze of Glory: Two Weeks After

All I can tell is that the town is burning, so I figure the plan went the way our plans usually do. -- Kris Fazzari

Blaze of Glory: Two Weeks After
(CR, Slot 5 or 6)

I swing across and become a blue whirlwind of fasionable death. -- Jean Phillippe

Bleys's private shadow is a playground of swashbuckling adventure. Now revolution threatens a loyal ally, and a handful of the Elite Guard must covertly intervene. Seeking six players to take the role of these exceptional shadow dwellers. Characters created onsite. Newcomers and participants in the previous BoG adventure both welcome. For more info and character creation rules, see

Sooner or later I'll get around to writing this up. In the meantime, you can check the quotes below for Jayne's Ballad II, which sums up the events in verse, or better yet, check out Amos's journal.

Blaze of Glory: Two Weeks After: Quotes

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