Blaze of Glory: Two Weeks After: Quotes

You know, we might be able to get at least one of my troops to wear an explosive device. -- Jayne

(collected by Kris Fazzari)
Jayne's Ballad II:
Plain Jayne of London Town
Put on a dress and pranced around
O'Sirideain invited her to sit down
Stuck a sword in his throat and he went down
Gurgling and thrashing all around
Her Sharks rallied to the awful sound
Then men in black came to town
And bodies of Sharks lay on the ground
But suddenly, a plane flew around
With a rescue rope hanging down
Head in hand, Jayne lept up from the ground
Grabbed a Shark as she swung around
With the weight, they barely got off the ground
Just before Philippe bombed the town
Dropped into a pond with a splashing sound
Rode a horse through the burning town
Only one more shark could be found
Plain Jayne of London Town

Blaze of Glory: Two Weeks After

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