As I recall it, the FDC started with a Sean Alan Squier post to rec.arts.disney, suggesting what he was going to do when he took over Disney. A few of us then lobbied for "positions" under him: I suggested that I'd be useful as an editor and plotter for animated musicals. (Which, I think, is probably true.)

Check back a bit later, and everyone is lobbying for the Disney character that they want to be in the FDC. Thus what that group is today, a somewhat bizarre, unofficial on-line fan club where people take the roles of Disney characters. But I notice I still have my title: "Editor/Plottor/Continuity for Upcoming Animated Musicals". Cool, eh?

So I figure I might as well do a little to maintain my unusual position in it. From time-to-time, I will post my ideas for future movies here.

Upcoming Features

Dreams Underfoot

My number one choice at the moment is a movie based on Charles de Lint's Newford short stories. Imagine a group of interrelated short stories, each done with a different style of music and animation, about the magic in modern life. Launch it with "Conjure Man", and use that as a frame for the rest. The one vision that I really love is "Saxophone Joe and the Woman in Black", done as a long narrative vocalese. (Vocalese is the setting of words to instrumental jazz solos: Mahattan Transfer's album Vocalese is wonderful example.)


My number two choice is an original story about a family, some friends, a couple of dogs, and a walk in the woods which are not quite all in this world...


It's kind of hard to see how to re-shape Simak's great short story cycle into a movie; but there's enough great stuff in there to do something spectacular with it.

The Ill-Made Knight

People have been talking about completing the "Ugly Frenchman Trilogy" with Cyrano de Bergerac, which would be interesting if well-done. But there's another great story about a not-so-handsome Frenchman, T.H. White's The Ill-Made Knight, the story of the Lancelot's rise, fall-from-grace, and redemption. And no, it's before the bit you're thinking of.

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