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My taste in movies can judged from my video collection. For me, "serious" films tend toward the epic romances. My all-time favorite film is Lawrence of Arabia. Kenneth Brannagh has produced three great Shakespeare films (most recently the wonderfully overblown Hamlet) plus the classic Dead Again, the first movie I ever saw two days in a row at the theatre. I loved Gerard Dippitydo's Cyrano de Bergerac.

The fact that I like roleplaying and reading probably implies that I like Highlander and the The Princess Bride. Well, I do. Plus Army of Darkness.

I also have a great fondness for animated movies. My favorite Disney flicks are Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp, and The Jungle Book. Rankin/Bass managed to turn out a couple of movies which are not completely lacking in value, most notably The Hobbit and The Last Unicorn. Off these shores, there's the classic Allegro Non Troppo from Italy, with its great "Valse Triste". And Japan has produced a bunch of nice films -- my favorite is Porco Rosso, though Princess Mononoke gave it a real run for its money. I'll have to wait till I have properly translated copies of each on DVD to decide.

For silly stuff, you can't beat Monty Python's movies. I've learned to avoid French "comedies", but the Italy has Maurizio Nichetti, who has yet to disappoint me; his The Icicle Thief even made watching the dreadful film The Bicycle Thief worthwhile.

Sol's TV Shows

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Now that Babylon 5 is gone, my favorite TV show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I loved Bruce Campbell's Brisco County Jr, but now I have to be satisfied with his occasional appearances in Xena, Warrior Princess. Sigh.

I watch a lot of cartoons, too, like the late, lamented Tick, (complete with the Evil Midnight Bomber), and The Critic. The Simpsons are still around, even if they aren't as good as they were five years ago. South Park is fairly amusing.

For silly TV, you can't beat the old Monty Python shows. Canada has The Red Green Show.

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