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Daniel Keys Moran's works cry out to be discussed, so I formed a mailing list soon after the publication of The Last Dancer. Because it provided a convenient and distinctive handle, it is the "Continuing Time" mailing list, but it's charter is for the discussion of all DKM's works.

Daniel Keys Moran is on the list. This is a wonderful thing. He graciously allowed us to set up a large on-line library of his works, both published and unpublished. We get the inside scoop on upcoming books, and we have gotten intriguing hints at the nature and inhabitants of the Continuing Time.

Two people administer this list, Sol Foster ( and Charles Clark ( Sol is the big DKM fan, and keeps archives and this message and such. Charlie is the good friend who keeps the list running, fixes this page when Sol is lazy, etc.

For those of you who are not interested in the discussion, but would like to keep on top of DKM news, we suggest subscribing and then turning on digest mode. The list is not high volume usually, but this will keep the number of messages you need to scan low when there is a burst of activity.


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