Wicked Windows: The Further Adventures of Samhaoir Ó Mórdha

I review my past
Through wicked windows framed in silver
And hung in toughened glass
Upon my face, around and over.

She's alone in a world which seems like a distorted echo of what she remembers. One where Amber is gone and a strong Golden Circle wars among itself. One where she is remembered as a vicious war criminal, and her suspicious allies are on the losing side in the current war.

Her story is told through a series of letters in Astrid Tops' Cave of Sleepers game. Hers is the Indigo universe.

I have walked a line
Both faint and narrow: hard to follow.
Caught up in circumstance
Harsh truth for history to mellow.

Description: Samhaoir is 5'9", with jet black hair and very fair skin; if out in the sun a _long_ time she develops a few pale freckles. She is always wearing one of her pairs of sunglasses; if she let you take them off, you'd discover that her eyes were a very bright green. Her typical attire is blue jeans and t-shirt.

If anyone knows how to pronounce her name, I'd like to hear it. My best guess is "Sa-wa-eer". I'd love a confirmation or a correction.

I just call her Sam.

Better not remember me. Don't miss my passing.
Fierce winter fails to ruffle my icy sleep.
We never quite vanish. No wet soft surrender.
Same bad blood running in new families.

Samhaoir was created for Jeff Maisano's You Did What?!? campaign. Her trump portrait is by Jim Zimmerman. Song quotes are by Ian Anderson.

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