Hi, Wendi. Here's the references for my Faris trump. Pardon the layout ugliness, but it was the easiest way I could find to attach text to picture, and not have the pictures wander the screen out of control.

First, the ultra-top secret Faris model. My mind's eye vision of Faris has always been based on my very dear friend Paige. The only real visual difference is that Faris has strawberry-blond hair.

Paige Holding Taz The picture on the left nicely captures her, I think: enticing, somewhat Celtic features, with a huge grin. Note that while she is thin and athletic, she doesn't have that goofy exaggerated hourglass figure you see so often in comic book art. (This is perhaps more obvious in the last picture.)

Paige Down Under On the right, the only other picture I have without sunglasses. Her hair is a bit out of control in this one, but the essential grin remains.

Paige And Tom Paige and her husband Tom.

Paige And me This one gives you a good idea of the scale we are dealing with here. In particular, way smaller than Sol. 5'4" or so. This is probably the best example of the hairdo, too.

There are also a number of comic book and anime images which I do think capture some of the Faris spirit.

Fio from Porco Rosso The classic example from the Faris web page. The hairdo's not right, but otherwise it's a not-so-terrible anime approximation. Notice that she's wearing a hat, which is a Faris trait that Paige doesn't share. (This is from Miyazaki's Porco Rosso.)

The Red Sorceress This is a picture of the Red Sorceress from Mark Oakley's Thieves and Kings. (It's Trisha, to be precise, a long dead incarnation of the RS.) Again, not an unreasonable anime-esque take on Faris.

Mongoose Faris's symbol is a mongoose. However, the symbol isn't licking it's lips.