Samhaoir Ó Mórdha

Samhaoir is my character for Jeff Maisano's You Did What?!? campaign. As most of my fellow players are on-line, I'm not going to give the full stats for her. But I will provide a few things which are common knowledge, and her "diaries", which are already on-line elsewhere anyway. (And lag about four months behind the game anyway. Plus I lie in them.) (Okay, by now it's like a year and four months. I've got to get to work on those.)

If anyone knows how to pronounce her name, I'd like to hear it. My best guess is "Sa-wa-eer". I'd love a confirmation or a correction.

I just call her Sam.


Samhaoir is 5'9", with jet black hair and very fair skin; if out in the sun a _long_ time she develops a few pale freckles. She is always wearing one of her pairs of sunglasses; if she let you take them off, you'd discover that her eyes were a very bright green. Her typical attire is blue jeans and t-shirt.

Jim Zimmerman did this rather nice sketch (and painted it in watercolors).

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