The Cutting Edge: PCs

Players, if you disagree with my blurb, drop me a note...

Sylvre: Random and Vialle's young daughter, a teenaged tomboy. She's even gone so far as to walk the Pattern. Short, with brown hair and silver eyes, her constant companion is a winged cat named Jacy. She is one of Corwin's favorites. (Played by Tia Kaplowitz.)

Malthius: Llellewa's son, a quiet Amberite with mysterious connections to Tir-na Nog'th. (Played by Alpha Montemayor.)

Hermes: The messenger of the royal family, Gerard's son. Perhaps the most skilled shadow-shifter of the family, and able to run incredibly fast. (Played by Darryl Farr.)

Donovan: One of the solid defenders of Amber, Dierdre's son. (Played by David de Jong.)

Quay: The old king of Chaos's ambassador to Amber, whose status is quite uncertain now. (Played by Chris Desmarais.)