The Cutting Edge: NPCs

Chorovius: An outcast from Chaos, his house was on the loosing end of a power struggle before the war. While he can be a cheerful companion, there is frequently a dark undercurrent to his mood. Those who see it have little doubt that he will one day return and try to claim what he considers rightfully his.

[Groan-- I don't remember his house.] Father unknown. Black of hair and grey of eye, tall and aristorcratic with high cheek bones and an angular nose. Known to have some mastery of the Logrus, and his sorcery keeps the Green Griffin going.

Faris: Fiona's daughter, Benedict's protege. She has her mother's firey red hair with a temper to match, while she can outfence any of her cousins. Second in command of Benedict's armies during the war, her bugle call led troops into battle and her skill with trump proved essential to moving them quickly.

Gareth: One of the Amber faithful. Despite having the size of Gerard, he is truly Flora's son, a student of diplomacy. He distinguished himself by commanding the fleet of Amber during the war, and topped the achievement by establishing a new trade route. If things continue as they are now, he will soon be responsible for bringing a new shadow into the Golden Circle.

He almost seems to fancy himself a knight of the old school. He has a squire, a horse he's trained for years, and a passion for honor and justice.

Roland: Raised out in shadow, by shadows, he is a very easy-going Amberite. He befriended Chorovius of Chaos before the war; unhappy with events during and after the war, he now proudly considers himself an expatriate of Amber. The Green Griffin was his idea, though it took Chorovius's talents to bring it into existance and keep it going.

His parentage is unknown, though he is a big redhead. It is rumored that he took the Pattern of Tir-na Nog'th long before he was generally known to the family. Certainly he has never hid his shadow walking and trump drawing skills, and actively pushes his musical skills.

Finn: Bleys's son, a teenager, he is already considered formidable with a blade, though he rarely can be bothered to carry one. Raised in Amber during the Patternfall War, he was the bane of Gerard's existance, his insatiable curiousity always getting him in trouble. The one thing he hasn't done yet is take the Pattern.

Tara: Benedict's daughter, another teenager. Born in Benedict's pseudo-Avalon, he brought her to Amber at the beginning of Random's reign. While Benedict has drilled her on the basic self-defense techniques he thinks every daughter should know, she has shown no particular inclination to follow in her father's footsteps. Instead, she has dabbled a little in everything. She's gone so far as to take the Pattern, but has very little experience with shadow shifting.