Blaze of Glory: Quick Overview of the World

The World

Shape of the World
Geographically speaking, the map of the world is identical to Shadow Earth. The lines on the map, however, bear it little resemblance.

This is not a world of empires. It is more a world of warlords and clans. The territory Shadow Earthers call England is under the control of Bleys. Wars, piracy, and viking-style raids are commonplace.

The Guard
Bleys's Elite Guard are his personal elite fighting force. Twenty or so trusted men and women, they are capable fighters, able to take care of themselves in any situation, examples to the rest of his troops. They are used for missions both covert and over, leading the troops into battle, and standing by his side in the thick of the fighting. They take on every challenge with skill, wit, bravery, and style.

The Technology

Where they can be carried easily (on ship or train, for instance) cannons are very effective. Personal weapons are primarily swords of one sort or another. Bows are popular, but typically not used by swashbuckling types except in massed combat.

On Land
Land transportation is equivalent to Shadow Earth's around 1880. Elegant steam trains are the luxurious way to travel. Horses, possibly with carriages, go where there are no train tracks.

At Sea
This is still the golden age of sail, say 1815 Shadow Earth.

In the Air
Bi-planes are a recent invention. Their range is short; they get perhaps an hour in the air. They are primarily used as scouts and look-outs, though they can quickly move a person or two from point to point. Frequently equipped for water landings, it would not be unusual for a pirate ship to keep one around...

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