New Amberites

Created 07/01/97

The standard denizens of Amber from the first series are pretty much just as you would expect them. However, there are a number of new inhabitants, both of the PC and NPC variety.

Faris (NPC) Fiona's daughter, she inherited her mother's height and firey red hair. Born early on in Corwin's exile to Shadow Earth, she didn't waste any time having a falling out with her mother. Eventually she became Benedict's protege. At his suggestion, she studied trump with her uncle Brand.

She was Benedict's second-in-command for nearly fifty years before they had a falling out in psuedo-Avalon. She made herself scarce for a few years after that. Benedict called her back to Amber to take over the eternal city's defense during the Patternfall War. She wasn't particularly pleased to miss out on the main action, but she dug into her duties with a vengeance.

In general, she is friendly and approachable. When she gets focused on a task, her intensity is frightening; on the rare occasions her temper goes, it is wise to get out of the way.

Annalise (Shelly Lisman) Daughter of Eric, Lady Annalise grew up at court. As she matured she developed an interest in the arts and culture of Amber. She did not show any interest in the government of the realm, despite her father's coronation when she was thirty. She would fulfill the official duties of hostess or emissary when necessary, but avoided them as often as possible.

For the most part, Annalise's looks favor her mother. She has a cap of loosely curled sandy hair. She is of medium height and somewhat slight build. Her eyes, however, come from her father. They are brilliant electric blue. She usually dresses casually. Her trump card shows her wearing grey slacks, white button down shirt and red scarf tied around her neck. She is comfortably seated in a wing chair. The masks of comedy and tragedy hang on the wall behind her. She is smiling slightly.

Annalise is quiet and reserved. Her only passion is the arts, especially theatre. She is neither quick to laugh or anger. She prefers the background when she is not on stage and has no interest in the powerplays that constantly go on in her family.

More interesting to Annalise than the court itself is the culture of Amber. She is patron of music, art, literature, and dance of every sort. She has often found unknown artists in Amber or Shadow and brought them to cultural prominence at court. She enjoys the unusual and avant garde, and pays little attention to established tastes.

Sterling (Steve McFarland) Gerard's son, he was raised in secret and first brought to Amber during the Patternfall War. He now commands the naval defenses of the eternal city. He doesn't seem to get along that well with Gerard...

Sterling's smiling face regarded me from the next card. He was clean shaven, and had short brown hair and brown eyes. He was a few inches shy of six feet; and despite his broad shoulders, resembled his mother more than his father, Gerard. He was dressed in a red jacket with gold trim. A saber hung from his belt.

Roger (Bill Gulstad) It's unlikely that anyone would bother to do Roger's trump. However, if they did, he would want to be portrayed as an arch-magus, in dark blue robes, holding a dog-eared copy of the Necronomicon in one hand and a bloody athame in the other. He's weird that way. (Also, something like that appears on the cover of book three in his on-going decology. No scene like that actually occurs in the novel, but that's usual for cover art.)

His face would be, as usual, gaunt, pallid, and slightly embalmed-looking. It seems quite appropriate for one of the guards of the castle's dungeon.